Book Review: Content Rich

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Content Rich Author: Jon Wuebben
Pages: 261
Published: 2008
ISBN: 0979762901

It's not often that I pay much attention to a book with a subtitle like: "Writing Your Way to Wealth on the Web." Still, when I came across Content Rich on the Web, the promotional material seemed to be genuine. There weren't promises of making $100,000 a month or anything like that.

The book is written by Jon Wuebben, a copywriter and speaker. He's the founder and President of Telegent Media, LLC, the parent company of Custom Copywriting, a provider of search engine optimized (SEO) Web-related copy. Telegent Media is also the parent company of the book's publisher, Encore Publishing.

The book is directed at people who do copywriting for Web sites. In reality, Web designers/developers often wind up writing some (or all) of the copy for their clients. In addition, it's important for Web designers/developers to have an understanding of SEO tactics in relation to keywords. The book also touches on the layout of Web sites, in relation to SEO.

The book begins with an excellent discussion of SEO copy and how it works. Jon's definition of SEO copy is "a means of communicating confidence and integrity on behalf of an online business." He then goes on to explain how to analyze the copy on an existing site, with helpful guidance and tips that can quickly and easily improve search engine ranking, leading to a potential increase in sales.

An excellent point that Jon makes is to write for the customer first, and search engines second. I read many inquiries on different Web development-related forums from people who are wanting to know how to write for search engines. While Google and Yahoo! may get the customer to your site, in the end they're just tools. If there's nothing to hold the visitor's attention once they get there they will quickly leave.

A detailed discussion on keywords and keyword phrases is included to help the search engines correctly rank your site. Many techniques are given which will help to increase the ranking of a site. The instructions on using customer buying cycles can be quite advantageous for merchants who have seasonal goods. Another interesting technique is "role-based" keywords. This analyses keywords based on the person who is likely to be doing the search.

If you've ever been involved in writing content for PPC and banner ads, you will appreciate Jon's discussion of this important topic. Unlike a Web site, ads — especially text-based ones — only have a few seconds to catch someone's eye. These tips will pay off in the long run.

A portion of the book concentrates on writing articles for publicity and link building. Other topics include writing for blogs, wikis, RSS feeds, newsletters, and press releases. While these aren't really within the realm of the Web designer/developer, they could be a good method for picking up extra money when you're just starting out or in the midst of lean times.

The book includes three case studies of actual Web sites. These show what good, keyword-based copyrighting and Web site layout can do for a site.

Some of the tips in the book can also be found on the Web site, in the "Articles" section. The Web site also contains other tools and tips for SEO strategies. In addition, two excerpt's from the book can be found on the site:

  • Chapter 6: "Writing General Site Copy — A Breakdown on the Pages You'll Need to Write"
  • Chapter 12: "SEO Copywriting for Small/Medium Sized Businesses"

Purchasers of the book also receive a complimentary Web site copy inspection, as well as audio and video programs based on the book.


If you're in need of a good book on copywriting to help you gain a better understanding of the subject, Content Rich would be a nice addition to your library. It can also provide some guidance in making a bit of extra money. In addition, even if you don't personally do any copywriting yourself, it's good to know what to expect of those who you or your customer may need to hire.

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