10 Excellent Twitter Tools

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Everyone, it seems, is getting on the Twitter bandwagon. That's great, because Twitter is an excellent service, if used properly. It's a good way to stay in touch with friends, but it's also an ideal tool for use in daily business activities.

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of tools and services that can help you to use Twitter more efficiently and effectively. Below are 10 of them that should help you in that direction. Be sure to send me your favorites.

  1. Netvibes: Yes, you read it right: Netvibes. If you use this Web portal, you can add your Twitter account right to the page. and, if you have more than one Twitter account, you can add them all. Once it is set-up, you will automatically be logged in each time you visit the appropriate tab on the Netvibes portal. You can even set-up a separate tab for them all, if you like. Or, place them on a related tab. It's very easy to do.
  2. TweetBeep: This service will track keywords that you select and send you an alert whenever someone mentions them in a tweet. This is great for tracking important posts, like your company or personal name and subjects of interest. You can also use it to find potential clients by tracking words that relate to your business.
  3. Twalala: Tired of all that Twitter traffic? This service will filter out all the stuff and people that you don't want to read about by using keywords, phrases and users names. And it doesn't need to be permanent. You can mute someone for a day, a week or longer or you can filter out specified keywords for a designated period of time.
  4. Followerwonk: This site will help you dig deeper into Twitter analytics. Search Twitter bios to find important people in your niche; find out more about your followers; analyze your account in relation to others; find out what your followers really want.
  5. TwitPic: Share your photos through Twitter using this service. You can post pictures from your phone, the TwitPic API, or through the site itself. This could be very useful for showing pictures to clients on the run.
  6. Tweriod Not sure when the best time to tweet someone? This site will analyze your followers and let you know. The free analysis will analyze up to 1,000 of your followers. Have more followers? Check out the Premium Analysis service. Prices range from $3.99 a month up to $15 a month, and $5 to $20 for a one-time shot, depending on how many followers you have.
  7. TwileShare: Use this free service to share all types of files (e.g., images, Word and Excel documents, PDFs, and ebooks) using your Twitter account. There is 1GB storage with a 20MB limit on each item. You ca also check out how many times your file has been viewed and shared, and receive comments on the uploaded files.
  8. Sync Twitter and Facebook Status Updates: This tutorial will show you how to sync your updates between Twitter and Facebook. The status messages you enter on one site will show up at the other also. Simple to set-up and it can make your life a bit easier.
  9. Twitbin: This Firefox extension lets you send and receive tweets right from your browser.
  10. TwitterFeed: This service will allow you to send tweets from your RSS feeds every time your blog or feed is updated. Posts to Twitter, identi.ca, custom Laconica installations, and via HelloTxt or Ping.fm simultaneously.

Posted: March 12, 2009 / Updated January 18, 2013 | Written by Lee Underwood

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